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• Master In Microsoft Excel
• Master In Microsoft Power Point
• Master In Microsoft Outlook
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  Basic Computer Course (BCC)      
This self learning computer course has designed to General computer users such as home and office users. it teaches everything from the computer introduction to Windows operating system, Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, Power point, OutLook) and all about using Internet services. in a simple way within a short period of time. Also it is more scientific and has used educational techniques so this course can follow by any person of any age group.
  • Beginner who don't have fundamentals knowledge on computer can obtain knowledge and it is easy to learn.
  • Method of studying the course and all other guide lines are given in 'Course Guide' book.
  • All examples are on audio visual medium.
        Pack Includes:
4 Learning CDs
1 Guide Book
1 Exercise Book
Sinhala Typing Guide
1 Computer Glossary CD
Price : 5990 | 3100 LKR (Limited time offer)


4 Learning CDs (All examples are on audio visual medium)

All lessons in the course are provided as interactive video lessons through CDs . This course includes four major sections.

  • Basic Computer introduction
  • Windows operating system (Windows 7)
  • Office applications (Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
  • Internet & Email

    Total Time (Video Lesson) : 32 hrs
    Number of Movies : 372
    Number of Discs : 4
    Disk Type : CD (Data)
    Language : Sinhala / English
    Compatible Versions : Windows 7 , Office 2007/10


Course Guide Book

Through the course guide book you are successfully guided on ,

  • The way to start the course and the method to continue.
  • Method to use the learning CDs
  • Method to practice the practical examples given in the course.
  • Method to practice examples given in the course.
  • How to participate on online examination after completion of the course.


Exercise Book

In this book it has given a collection of exercises which are important to practice while following the course. These exercises are directly related to the lessons which are given in the course. Moreover it has given a guide line on how to follow given exercises.


Sinhala Typing Guide

This has given a complete guideline on using Sinhala fonts for Sinhala document preparation and all other Sinhala typing activities. Also the link to download Sinhala fonts from internet has given with instructions to download.


Computer Glossary CD

It has given descriptive explanation on words that are used in the computer field through this CD.



You can sit for online examination once you complete the course successfully. With successfully completion of examination you can get the certificate that is issuing by our organization. Moreover you can get the certificate by pos


24 Hours Help Center

If you need any support while following the course, you can obtain 24 hour support through our hotline.

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