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  • 3D Architectural visualizations
  • Exterior & Interior 3D designs
  • 3D Landscape & Garden designs
  • 3D Logo animations

    3D technology   is much more than beautiful graphics or images presented in-depth. In the hands of skilled and creative professionals like Pixel Art’s specialists it seems to be the ultimate design tool. Your vision is the only limit because we can create for you wide range of unique 3D products: entire scenarios, dynamic animations, product presentations, custom 3D characters. Your presentations will be far more engaging and memorable if you use a dynamic 3D mascot, able to interact with the audience. Same idea could be implemented as a flash animation on your web site.

    You have a spectacular, on-of-a-kind idea, but you can not visualize it and bring it to reality. In Pixel Art we have the solution - our dedicated team can combine and create just about any 2 and 3 dimensional models and integrate them in existing visual project or animate a complete 3D virtual reality. Pixel Art - inspiration, strive for perfection and experience, all in one. We do not offer simply the next good product on the market – we offer you and your customers the ultimate high-tech experience. We provide complete range of 3D design and Animation services - 3D model design, skeleton development, model & landscape animation, frame and scene rendering, compositing and layering, etc.

    Our  3D products  allow our customers and partners to join the spectacular world of creative in-depth direction while improving business results and expanding their client services. Design studios experienced with 3D have found that partnering with Pixel Art will shorten project schedules, letting them accept new clients and become more profitable. We shorten our partners’ project schedules and expenses helping them to focus on generating business and profit.

    Our  3D Graphic Design  Services are perfect in every technical detail and offer comprehensive visual solution to even the most complex scenarios. Regular draft illustration or latest 3D visuals, animation sequences and 3D architectural rendering - we deliver it all, closely working with you, giving the best of our efforts and professionalism. You want to get a complete, top quality, custom developed solution from a reliable partner – the answer is Pixel Art. Bring your ideas to life with us.

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